Nerdy Sweets

Sweethearts Keyboard

Rubik’s Cube Cake

We have spent countless hours trying to figure this thing out….well the majority of us. Finally the one Rubik’s cube I can conquer!

Nyan Cat Cupcakes

Rage Face Cookies


The Cake Is A Lie!

I dont think it’s lying about how delicious it is.

Superhero Suckers

It’s a bird…it’s a plane….it’s super suckers!

Chocolate iPad 2

Cant afford an iPad 2? Well, the next best thing to do is make an edible one.

Boba Fett Grad Cake

Make Your Own Lego Gummies

Or better……Legummies.

Yoda Oreos

A nice glass of Bantha milk is needed!

The Star Wars Cookbook

These Are Not The Peeps Your Looking For

Star Wars Peep pops.

A Taste Of Nikon

Nikon Camera Cake

Stay Puft Man Trapped In A S’more

Playstation Bento Box

Playstation bento box to go with the X(bento) box.

Chewbacca Bento Box

These look a bit chewy.

Psychiatrist Couch Cake

And… does that make you feel?

Lego Cupcakes

Our favorite toy is now edible!

Angry Bird Cupcakes

Yummy angry cupcakes.

Nerdy Cappuccino Art

I want a nice hot cup of Batman!


Peeps turned into Pikachu’s!

A Super Cake

Cheeseburger Cupcakes

These are definitely the sweetest cheeseburgers ive ever seen!

Amazing Cake Designs Part Deux

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Stormtrooper Cookie

Sorry Darth Vader, unlike like the real Stormtroopers, these are not in endless supply.

I saw this and turned into Jabba!

Amazing Cake Designs

All I get for my birthdays are ice cream cakes. I better ask for something a little more spectacular this year!

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Popcorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes made to look like popcorn.

Pacman Pancakes

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom….I figure thats the sound Pacman makes as a pancake.

The iPie

A real Apple pie.

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Xbox Bento Box

Videogame food is probably the best food!

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Pokemon themed sushi looks delicious

The Snorlax bean bag chair has nothing on this yummy looking dish! Thanks Wakkabit for the find!

A Smore made into a Keyboard


Showing science through snack food

You can see Cellular Mitosis process and Chromosomes through our favorite snacks!

Keep reading to see the rest of the donut Cellular mitosis and more!